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Fabric Care

Cotton garments can be laundered easily, since cotton can withstand high temperatures.

Regarding the washing of cotton material, chlorine bleach can be used safely on white fabrics and colour safe bleach can be used on dyed and printed fabrics.

Regarding the ironing of cotton material, hot ironing can be done, as cotton does not scorch and takes much longer to dry when compared to less absorbent fibers.


It is important that woolen garments be given 24 hour rests between wearings. They must be hung on shaped or padded hangers, leaving adequate space for clothes that follow.

When hanging woolen garments, pockets must be emptied and belts must be removed, following which they must be hung with closures zipped and buttoned.

Knit wool garments must be folded and placed as flatly as possible.

If garments are stained during wear, spots and stains must be removed immediately, if not the garments must be handed over to a professional Dry Cleaner who will ensure its removal.

Woolen garments need to be steam pressed. Pressing wool in totally dry form must be avoided and a cloth must be used on top of the garments to avoid direct iron contact, which will in turn avoid shining.

Woolen garments must undergo dry-cleaning before they are stored or sun-drying before they are used for the next season.

Silk must be dry-cleaned unless the garment is pre-washed silk. The care label must be referred to.

Washable silk may be hand washed carefully, with mild soap in lukewarm water. Chlorine bleach should never be used on silk.

Care must be taken to ensure that silk garments are sealed against light, air and insects when stored for long time periods.

For specific instructions, the garment's sewn-in care label must be referred to.

Garments containing spandex can be hand washed or machine washed in lukewarm water, but chlorine bleach must never be used. Colour bleach must be used instead of chlorine bleach.

The garments must undergo thorough rinsing, after which they may be left to Drip Dry.

If machine drying is used, low temperature settings must be maintained.

While ironing, care must be taken to ensure that the iron is not be placed on a particular spot for a long time. Low temperature iron settings must be maintained.

While some linen items are washable, others have to be dry-cleaned; which means that the label must always be checked.

Washable household linen, handkerchiefs, and linen apparel can be washed easily and become softer with use.

White linens should be dried in the sun, to help them to keep their whiteness.